A.G.E.S. Annual Fall Conference 2024
A Celebration of All Natural Solutions!
Sept 13th-14th | 8am - 10pm Central

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Healing for the A.G.E.S Annual Fall Conference!

A.G.E.S. Annual Fall Conference 2024
A Celebration of All Natural Solutions!

Sept 13th-14th | 8am - 10pm Central

You hung out with Drs. Ardis, Group, Ealy & Schmidt last September at the first-ever Healing for the A.G.E.S Fall Conference. You learned a lot. You laughed a ton. The info was AMAZING! The experience so UNFORGETABLE, they’re doing it again! GREAT NEWS, this year is going to be even better!

Join the Fantastic 4 Natural Docs this September 13-14 in Dallas, Texas for round two at the Healing for the A.G.E.S Annual Fall Conference.

At the A.G.E.S. Annual Fall Conference 2023, the Fantastic 4 Natural Docs showed you how to prevent bioweapons from getting into your body!

At the A.G.E.S. Virtual Solution Summit 2024, the Fantastic 4 showed you how to neutralize EMF bioweapons connecting to the magnificent healing power of Mother Earth!

Now at the A.G.E.S. Annual Fall Conference 2024, the Fantastic 4 are at it again . . .and this time with a little help from their friends. The Docs will have some special guests this year including investigative journalist and natural health researcher, Jonathon Otto; the man with tremendous wisdom in natural medicine, Dr. Robert Scott Bell; the true medical rebel for truth, Dr. Lee Merritt; and the woman who has taken on evil and is still standing tall, Dr. Judy Mikovits!

Special Guest Teachers

Dr. Robert Scott Bell
Dr. Judy Mikovits
Dr. Lee Merritt

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& The Teen A.G.E.S.

In Loving Memory

Dr. Rashid Buttar Hope & Freedom Award Winner
A VERY Special Surprise Speaker for all VIP+ Attendees during Friday Night Dinner

PLUS! CE Credits for Professionals

24 Contact Hours for Continuing Education
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This is definitely THE conference to be at this year!

On behalf of Drs. Ardis, Group, Ealy & Schmidt and the entire Healing for the A.G.E.S team, we look forward to seeing you there!
Dr. Bryan Ardis
Dr. Ed Group
Dr. Henry Ealy
Dr. Jana Schmidt

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You can attend virtually from anywhere in the world! Plus, as a paid attendee, you’ll get digital access to the recordings to watch at your convenience.

Don’t miss a minute of life-healing natural solutions brought to you by four professionals that really care and really know their stuff too!

Master of Ceremonies

My name is Jonathan Otto, Award-winning filmmaker, investigative medical journalist, and health advocate. I’ve interviewed world-renowned experts to share the Truth with you….

I was once where many of you are.

Worried about my health, and what my future would look like if I did not do something soon…

Would I have the energy to be present in my kids’ lives?

Would I be able to give my best at my work? Or continue being a fully present husband if I didn’t get this under control?

The Chronic fatigue was debilitating…
I was told by my doctors that they don’t know what’s wrong with me… And that I’d have to learn to live with the life-altering symptoms…

The thought of living my entire life feeling tired really startled me.

But God led me down a path of discovery…

And not only did I use this empowering health information to change my life…

But my family’s life too!

I received the gift of life… And I knew I had to share this with the world!
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