Healing For The A.G.E.S. 2024
EMFs & Earthing Virtual Solution Summit
Saturday, May 25th 2024 | 9 AM – 6 PM PST

Join me live for a free session with the incredible team dominating research on the latest health solutions in our space!

Tomorrow, 15th May at 6 PM ET, joining me will be Drs. Henry Ealy, Bryan Ardis, and Jana Schmidt.


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Live Session Drs. Henry Ealy, Bryan Ardis,
and Jana Schmidt on May 15th - Replay

Dr. Bryan Ardis
Dr. Ed Group
Dr. Henry Ealy
Dr. Jana Schmidt
During this session, you’ll learn from these TOP experts about:

  • The powerful natural protocols that they’re seeing help people regain their health
  • Non-invasive, little-heard-of detox protocols that are both safe and effective
  • How to use therapeutics like nicotine and others the RIGHT way
And that´s just some of what they’ll share!

I am honored to call these four incredible health experts my dear friends.

They share the very same passion that I have for spreading the truth about healing

So that anyone who is suffering can start finding HOPE again!
I truly believe that this session alone may give you answers to the questions holding your health back…

And help you to start achieving the breakthroughs you’ve been working so hard for!

A.G.E.S. 2024 EMFs & Earthing Virtual Solution Summit

Saturday, May 25th, 2024 | 9 AM – 6 PM PST

Summits must be climbed before their beauty can inspire.

The Healing for the A.G.E.S. 2024 Virtual Solution Summit is brought to you by Drs. Ardis, Group, Ealy & Schmidt, your favorite four fantastic natural docs and the amazing people on their production team. Come with us on a climb to a higher view into the invisible world of Electromagnetic Frequencies, otherwise known as EMFs.

Are EMFs dangerous? Can they harm you and the people you love?

Is it possible for EMFs be healing? And if so, what role does Mother Earth play?

Drs. Ardis, Group, Ealy & Schmidt have researched, developed and tested many products on the market and new proven healthy habits you can embrace. You don’t have to trade your health, or your privacy, for the convenience of SMART phones and 5G. And you don’t have to do without either…either. It’s just about making simple shifts to get into healthier habits.

The unknown can be scary. The unknown created by invisible EMFs have become a source of fear for many, as well as an opportunity for a few to take advantage of the many. You know something is wrong, but do you know for certain what to do about it?

On May 25, 2024 at the Healing for the A.G.E.S. 2024 Virtual Solution Summit, we’re going to teach you exactly what to do to deal with harmful EMFs.

It’s time to climb to a higher peak with Drs. Ardis, Group, Ealy & Schmidt as they lead the way to the dawn of a beautiful new day. A day where you no longer stress over what to do about the invisible threat all around. A day where we can reach the summit together and share life-healing, game-changing information.

It’s great when we’re together. Make sure and register today!

Promo code: OTTO

Can’t Attend In Person?
Don’t Worry, We Got You!

You can attend virtually from anywhere in the world! Plus, as a paid attendee, you’ll get digital access to the recordings to watch at your convenience. Don’t miss this full day of natural health and healing solutions brought to you by four professionals that really care and really know their stuff too!

Meet Your Host

My name is Jonathan Otto, Award-winning filmmaker, investigative medical journalist, and health advocate. I’ve interviewed world-renowned experts to share the Truth with you….

I was once where many of you are.

Worried about my health, and what my future would look like if I did not do something soon…

Would I have the energy to be present in my kids’ lives?

Would I be able to give my best at my work? Or continue being a fully present husband if I didn’t get this under control?

The Chronic fatigue was debilitating…
I was told by my doctors that they don’t know what’s wrong with me… And that I’d have to learn to live with the life-altering symptoms…

The thought of living my entire life feeling tired really startled me.

But God led me down a path of discovery…

And not only did I use this empowering health information to change my life…

But my family’s life too!

I received the gift of life… And I knew I had to share this with the world!
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