PubMed reveals: “Only 5-10% of Cancer cases are caused by genetics!”

1 in 6 Cancer sufferers die every year…

Many of which relied solely on conventional

But what if I told you there´s easy-to-use,
natural protocols…

Experts used to treat over 189,000 people!

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Hey, it´s Jonathan Otto here.

Cancer has been with us for a long time, even dating as far back to Ancient Egypt.

Yet despite how ancient this disease is…

It can strike fear in the heart of even the bravest person.

Many people with Cancer will say that when they were first diagnosed…

They couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by a weighty pressure of pure dread.


Because it’s such a confusing and unpredictable disease.

And when you mix that with the fear of death.… 

You get a TERRIBLE combination!

After a Cancer diagnosis, many wonder things like…

“How could this be?”

“What happens next?”

“Will the treatments make me suffer?”

“How long do I have to live?”

These questions can be so mentally exhausting, it can feel like your brain will explode!

Which is the worst thing to feel when trying to emotionally get a grip on how different life will be now.

Everything from the treatments that seem like eternity…

To the pain and exhaustion they´ll go through…

And seeing the look of worry on their loved ones faces.

This is an extremely difficult path to navigate.
If you´ve been through this, either personally or through someone you know…

Then you´ve probably experienced this.

It’s completely life-altering, heavily confusing and overwhelming… and downright scary!

The statistics speak for themselves.

According to the
American Cancer Society…

“Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide, and 10 million deaths in 2020 were attributed to cancer.”

There’s a reason why Cancer is so scary.

If you know someone who’s facing this right now….

Or if you are the one unfortunately battling Cancer….

I want you to know one thing:

You are NOT alone!

Cancer has a way of making you feel isolated and terrified.

I remember feeling terrified of ever getting Cancer.

And even though I thankfully haven´t ever been diagnosed with it…

I´ll never forget how scary those fear-driven thoughts can be.
It all starts with a simple question: 

“What if I do get it?”… 

Then you break into cold sweats and your heart starts racing so fast… 

That it feels like it’s gonna EXPLODE!

And then the other thoughts of “What about my loved ones… will they be alright without me?” come in…

Which only makes it all worse.

I know this feeling all too well, and maybe you do too.

But I´m happy to say that I DON’T have this fear anymore.


Because I know there´s proven, natural treatments
That our experts have used to successfully treat…
Over 189,000 people from cancer and other life-threatening diseases!

I have spent almost a decade as an investigative medical journalist… 

Trying to learn the TRUTH about natural healing.

And if there’s one thing I´ve learned is that you CAN heal yourself by using God-given protocols.

Many people think Cancer is simply genetic…

And that there’s nothing you can do about it.

But studies are proving this to be wrong.

In fact, PubMed revealed:

“Only 5-10% of Cancer cases are caused by genetics!”

This is incredible!

Because it proves that you CAN control the Cancer genes inside of you.

And you do this by:

After learning and implementing all of this…

I no longer fear getting Cancer…

Because I KNOW I´m optimizing my health to the fullest and using PROVEN protocols to prevent myself from ever developing it!

I don’t need to fully rely on a doctor anymore.

Many doctors mean well, but simply don’t know that much about natural healing.

They don´t understand how people with Cancer can actually treat their disease with the protocols our experts teach.


Because the medical system is RIGGED.

Big Pharma is making far too much money from conventional treatments…

And more people are beginning to realize this.

My aim for you is to give you options… 

So that you can make the most informed decision possible for Cancer prevention and treatment.

One of the treatments may not work for you specifically…

Which is why I’ve done my best to present ALL the most effective at-home treatments that our experts use.

So with all of this said, I have just ONE question for you:

Are YOU ready to put an end to the fear of Cancer…

And start living with the abundance of health and vitality which God meant for you?

If you answered yes…

Then have a look at the incredible package my team and I spent countless hours putting together….

That will give you the holistic health you desire!


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12 Brand New Cancer Secrets Episodes

UNCENSORED, Expert-led Masterclass


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12 Brand New Cancer Secrets Episodes

12 Brand New Cancer Secrets Bonus Episodes

Full-Length Interviews with ALL 50+ Experts

10-Day Detox Challenge

A 10-day live challenge led by our health coaches from Monday to Friday for 2 weeks to help you detox your body correctly. Using our expert-recommended approaches.

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Cancer Secrets 90-DAY Detox, Restore & Thrive Protocol Package

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So let me take you through this incredible package!

Starting with….

The Cancer Secrets 90-Day
Detox, Restore & Thrive Protocol Package


Introducing Serrapeptase, our carefully crafted formula with 40,000 SUs of the serrapeptase enzyme. This enzyme is widely known and recognized for its amazing anti-inflammatory properties and benefits for our respiratory and cardiovascular health.

Emerging studies from the National Library of Medicine are showing that this enzyme alone can put cancer in remission due to its remarkable ability to effectively reduce chronic inflammation in the body.

Serrapeptase is also recognized for its ability to dissolve biofilms, which is responsible for over 80% of bacterial infections, offering a powerful solution for infection prevention.

This product is encapsulated in easy-to-absorb vegetable capsules and is also 100% free from artificial additives, supporting your health without compromise.

Embrace the holistic path to relief and vitality with our Serrapeptase supplement, your natural choice for a healthier life.

ParaFree Detox

Presenting ParaFree Detox, our expert-engineered supplement designed to support the body in naturally eliminating unwanted parasites and other toxins in the body. This unique blend includes a variety of powerful and natural ingredients, such as Black Walnut Hull Powder, Wormwood Aerial Parts Powder, and Goldenseal Root Extract – all of which have been traditionally used for their potent anti-parasitic properties. The causal connection between cancer and parasites is not new. Studies published in PubMed show that parasites can induce inflammation, suppress the immune system, and can even produce toxins that directly damage the DNA. This powerful blend of natural ingredients works together to loosen the grip of the parasites in your body and various organs and then help your body successfully excrete them.

Gut repair 360

Meet Gut Repair 360, our precision-crafted blend consisting of powerful plant superfoods, vitamins, and minerals in proportions designed to heal and promote gut health. This 100% natural, doctor-formulated supplement is crafted with cutting-edge science that supplies our bodies with the tools that it needs to repair the gut and the gut lining. Our gut is home to approximately 70% of our immune system. When this is compromised, diseases and even cancer are more likely to take hold. And several studies in the National Library of Medicine are showing this. Gut Repair 360 contains Zinc and L-Glutamine, which are both nutrients that play a crucial role in lowering inflammation. It also contains Organic Slippery Elm (leaf), Organic Marshmallow (root), and Organic Licorice (root), all of which contain soothing properties that lowers inflammation in the gut and offers digestive support.

Gut Flora

Gut health and Cancer have a direct connection. According to a study (1), disruption in the gut microbiome can lead to different types of cancer, mainly Colorectal Cancer [Colon]. It’s important to keep your gut healthy and flourishing. An ongoing study in Nebraska, clearly states the importance of a flourishing gut for cancer treatment with a natural prebiotic supplement to improve the gut microbiome. The gut microbiome contains millions of microbes, including bacteria, fungi, and others. Together they help with digestion, metabolism, and even immune function. Gut Flora is a potent blend of probiotics designed to restore and maintain a healthy gut balance. Our selection of probiotic strains ensures maximum effectiveness by providing billions of live cultures that can survive in the digestive system. In addition to improving digestion and nutrient absorption, you will also experience improved immunity as well as less occasional digestive discomfort and bloating.


Meet Digestive Enzyme with Makzyme-Pro Blend – a revolutionary solution crafted with the expertise and insights of leading experts designed to supplement vital enzymes essential for optimizing nutrient absorption and nurturing our digestive and gut health.

This dietary supplement contains proteolytic enzymes such as Bromelain and Papain that have anti-inflammatory properties and can provide relief from IBS symptoms.

This proprietary blend also contains Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus casei which are probiotic bacteria that can promote gut microbiota balance and even enhance our body’s immune system.

Probiotic bacteria can also modulate the proliferation of cancer cells, significantly reducing the risk of cancer – National Library of Medicine.

Unlock the journey to wellness and vitality with our Digestive Enzyme with Makzyme-Pro Blend, the holistic remedy for rejuvenation and optimal health.


We are living in an environment where we consume toxins on a daily basis, knowingly or unknowingly. The canned and packeted food (1) we consume has chemicals in it and it is one of the reasons behind this ongoing cancer procession.

The BioCleanse & Restore Supplements has natural medicines like Psyllium Husks, Bentonite, Black Walnut Hull Powder, Oat Bran Powder, Flaxseed Powder, Prune Fruit Powder, Aloe Vera Leaf Powder, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Apple Pectin Powder and Glucomannan Powder that will help you REMOVE those toxins from your digestive system.

Studies (2, 3) have proved that Black Walnut consumption assists in a healthier digestive system removing toxins and parasites.

Natural medicines have proven to be the most effective when it comes to gut health. This supplement is all you need to start your journey towards a TOXIN-FREE and healthier lifestyle.

Black Seed Oil

Boost your well-being with Black Seed Oil Pure, in handy vegetable capsules. Derived from Nigella sativa, it’s loaded with essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Just one capsule daily strengthens your immune system, supports healthy inflammation, and enhances overall health. Black Seed Oil Pure stands out for its digestive health benefits, skin rejuvenation, and respiratory function enhancement.

Explore the potent advantages of Nigella sativa with our natural supplement. Research (1) suggests its seed extracts possess antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving properties, promising relief.

Studies also show significant cytotoxic effects on tumor cells, potentially inhibiting growth. With a rich historical and medicinal background, N. sativa addresses ailments like asthma and fever. (2,3)

Incorporate this potent supplement into your daily routine for holistic benefits, promoting improved health and vitality.

Smart Mushroom
Complex with
Lion's Mane

Unlock the ancient wisdom of Lion’s Mane Complex, a premium blend designed to enhance cognitive function, boost immune support, and elevate vitality. Each capsule combines Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Maitake, Shiitake, and Reishi mushrooms for holistic wellness.

Discover the captivating potential of Lion’s Mane mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) as it offers promising benefits, including potential anticancer effects.

Lion’s Mane sharpens mental clarity, Chaga fortifies immunity, Maitake supports blood sugar balance, Shiitake promotes heart health, and Reishi enhances stress resilience. This blend encapsulates nature’s power in a convenient daily capsule.

In groundbreaking studies, Lion’s Mane compounds showed promising anticancer effects, while Hericium erinaceus water extract demonstrated potential against breast cancer cells, offering hope for cancer therapy.(1,2)

Experience the transformative potential of Lion’s Mane Complex, merging ancient wisdom with modern science for optimized cognitive function, immune support, and vitality.


In a fast-paced world, maintaining energy and well-being is so important. Vitality Support is designed to enhance your overall health, providing a foundation for sustained energy and vitality. This advanced supplement is formulated to support various aspects of health, ensuring you feel your best every day.

Vitality Support is a blend of essential vitamins, minerals, and natural extracts known to promote energy levels, cognitive function, and physical health. It targets the body’s core systems, enhancing metabolic, cardiovascular, and immune health, offering a comprehensive approach to wellness.

Designed for daily use, Vitality Support fits seamlessly into your routine, offering a simple way to boost your health and energy.

With regular use, it helps mitigate the effects of stress and fatigue, enabling a more active and fulfilling life.


Embrace holistic wellness with our Ayurvedic Blend, with Ashwagandha, Licorice, and Amla.

Ashwagandha, a staple in Indian medicine, boosts energy and reduces stress, while Licorice, known in Greek and Egyptian traditions, offers digestive and respiratory support.

Amla, rich in Vitamin C, empowers immune health and cellular rejuvenation.

These herbs, celebrated for centuries, are validated by modern studies, including research from the NIH, emphasizing their health benefits.

Our formula, free from artificial additives, ensures pure, potent delivery in each vegetable capsule. The NIH recognizes Ayurveda’s cell-level healing, showing us its holistic approach and the efficacy of natural herbs.

With our Ayurvedic Blend, you’ll experience the age-old wisdom of Ayurveda, supported by scientific research, for a balanced and vibrant life.


In an age where heavy metals and toxic chemicals are everywhere in our environment, food, and everyday products, safeguarding your health becomes more important.

Chemical Cleanse is your ally in this fight, a meticulously crafted, all-natural formula designed to counteract the detrimental effects of these pervasive toxins.

Our formula includes a rich blend of ingredients that are known for their detoxifying properties. They work together to cleanse your system from toxins. Our advanced extraction process ensures that you get a potent and effective product.

This supplement is a lifestyle choice, offering a practical solution to combat the unavoidable pollutants of modern life. By integrating Chemical Cleanse into your routine, you embark on a proactive path to detoxification, paving the way for improved mental clarity, energy, and overall well-being.


Cancer Secrets is a provider of information and does not engage in the sale of supplements. Any supplements mentioned or recommended in our content are sourced from a separate company known as Well of Life. While we strive to provide accurate and helpful information regarding supplements and their potential benefits, we do not manufacture or distribute these products ourselves. Therefore, any inquiries, concerns, or issues related to the purchase, quality, or usage of supplements should be directed to Well of Life.

It is important to note that these supplements are not intended to cure cancer. They may complement conventional treatments or support overall health and well-being, but they should not be considered as a sole treatment for cancer. Cancer treatment should be discussed with healthcare professionals.

Cancer Secrets assumes no responsibility for the procurement, efficacy, or safety of supplements obtained from Well of Life or any other supplier. Thank you for your understanding.

Following that, you also have….

10 Day LIVE Detox Challenge

Dive into an exciting 10-Day Live Detox Challenge, a dynamic journey towards holistic health, expertly guided by our dedicated health coaches.

From Monday to Friday over two transformative weeks, engage in daily live sessions that energize, educate, and empower. Embrace this unique opportunity to detoxify under expert guidance, with personalized advice and community support to keep you motivated.

Each day unveils new detox strategies, from nourishing dietary tips to mental wellness practices, designed to cleanse your body and uplift your spirit. Join us for an unforgettable experience that promises not only to purify your body but to ignite a lasting passion for a healthier, vibrant lifestyle.

Welcome to the transformative 10-day Live Detox Challenge led by our esteemed Health Coach Colleen! Each day, Coach Colleen will Engage in a 1-hour session, where the first 30 minutes are dedicated to Coach Colleen’s insightful teachings. Alongside the nutritional focus, daily exercise routines will be provided. The additional 30 minutes will be dedicated to discussions with a strong emphasis on daily goal setting. This holistic approach ensures a comprehensive detox experience, promoting well-being from the inside out. Get ready to embark on a rejuvenating journey towards a healthier you!

Let’s embark on this journey together and unlock the door to a revitalized you!

1 LIVE Masterclass

Renew, Restore, Reclaim:
Regenerative Medicine and Detox Protocols for Long Covid, Vaxx Injuries and Parasites With Dr. Bryan Ardis and Dr. Henry Ealy

And to tie it all in, you have….

3 Expert-led Masterclasses

A Holistic Guide on Regenerative Medicine

for Post-COVID-Vaxx Neurological Syndromes & Brain Degeneration - 9 Modules

In this 9-module masterclass, you’ll dive deep with experts into regenerative medicine’s holistic approaches to addressing neurological syndromes and brain degeneration post-COVID vaccination. In this masterclass, you will:

The Path to Remission

Addressing the Root Causes of Turbo Cancers through Natural Protocols- 11 Modules

In this 11-module masterclass, you’ll hear from holistic health experts as they unveil natural protocols to tackle the root causes of aggressive cancer forms, known as Turbo Cancers. In this masterclass, you will:

Harnessing Light for Health

Red Light Therapy for Whole-body Healing & Long-COVID Recovery - 10 Modules

This 10-module masterclass brings together leading experts in photobiomodulation to teach you about Red Light Therapy’s role in whole-body healing, with a focus on Long-COVID recovery. In this masterclass, you will:

3 New Cancer Secrets Courses

Cleanse & Conquer:

The Ultimate Step-By-Step Course to Detoxing Parasites and Restoring Vitality

Prepare to revolutionize your health with this must-join course! You’re going to embark on an unprecedented journey into the world of detoxification and vitality restoration.

Led by the legendary Dr. Thomas Lodi and Dr. Daniel Nuzum, this course is a game-changer for anyone serious about reclaiming their health.

Unlocking Lasting Healing:

An Expert Training on Chlorine Dioxide

This course is really an initiation into the future of medicine, featuring the trailblazing Dr. Ed Group and Dr. Andreas Kalcker. This is your chance to be at the center of health innovation with Chlorine Dioxide, a compound that is reshaping the healing landscape.

Urotherapy Simplified:

A Step-by-Step Guide to Harnessing your Urine’s Healing Powers

Join our health coaches as they dive into the ancient and effective world of urotherapy. This course is a comprehensive guide led by the visionary Jonathan Otto, Coach Colleen Seabell-Dunt, and Lisa Rudy Williams.

It’s a course that is set to redefine natural healing, offering you the keys to unlock potent health benefits.

5-Part Mini Series

Revive and Flourish: A Comprehensive Blueprint for Restored Vitality

In this 5-part mini-series, you’ll embark on a journey with expert speakers to unlock the full potential of your health and vitality. In this mini-series, you will:

The Cancer Secrets Money-Back Guarantee

You can test the Cancer Secrets Package for 60 days.

If you don´t like the results you´ll get, if you don´t feel like following the protocol….

Or if you´re not happy for any reason at all….

You can at any point email us, and get every penny back, no questions asked.
* All that’s needed is a return of the supplements.

Here's what some of our successful
community members have to say….

“I had been feeling terrible for years, but suddenly, I started feeling incredible in a way I had never experienced before in my life. It was as if a weight had been lifted, one that I didn’t even realize was there, but it had always made me feel heavy, tired, and sluggish.”

Lori Otto, battled parasites for years
“I remember my first experience with you (Jonathan Otto) was in 2016. I had some health challenges then, and I checked out your work and it was very, very good. It was helpful for me and it helped me recover. And then this last time I heard your work again and one of the doctors on your work, Dr. Henry Ealy, he described that people experienced these cutting razor blades.  And I thought, oh my gosh, that’s exactly what’s going on in my body. Finally somebody who understands what’s going on. And so I reached out for help. So I am so thankful for the work that you do because your work really has saved my life. I believe that with my whole heart and soul. Thank you so much”

Monique Bilodeau-Nestmann, Vaxx-shedding survivor


























Our Experts with over
490 years of combined experience….

Meet Your Host

My name is Jonathan Otto, Award-winning filmmaker, investigative medical journalist, and health advocate. I’ve interviewed world-renowned experts to share the Truth with you….

I was once where many of you are.

Worried about my health, and what my future would look like if I did not do something soon…

Would I have the energy to be present in my kids’ lives?

Would I be able to give my best at my work? Or continue being a fully present husband if I didn’t get this under control?

The Chronic fatigue was debilitating…
I was told by my doctors that they don’t know what’s wrong with me… And that I’d have to learn to live with the life-altering symptoms…

The thought of living my entire life feeling tired really startled me.

But God led me down a path of discovery…

And not only did I use this empowering health information to change my life…

But my family’s life too!

I received the gift of life… And I knew I had to share this with the world!

Here's what your Silver & Gold Package contains:


12 Brand New Cancer Secrets Episodes

UNCENSORED, Expert-led Masterclass


Get $4,547 worth of free gifts!

12 Brand New Cancer Secrets Episodes

12 Brand New Cancer Secrets Bonus Episodes

Full-Length Interviews with ALL 50+ Experts

10-Day Detox Challenge

A 10-day live challenge led by our health coaches from Monday to Friday for 2 weeks to help you detox your body correctly. Using our expert-recommended approaches.

$349 total value - Yours FREE!

Cancer Secrets 90-DAY Detox, Restore & Thrive Protocol Package

$584 total value - Yours FREE!

1 Live Expert-led Masterclass

$497 total value - Yours FREE!

UNCENSORED, Expert-led Masterclasses

$1,391 total value - Yours FREE!

3 Brand New Cancer Secrets Courses

$891 total value - Yours FREE!

8 Cancer Secrets eBooks
(Online Access)

$418 total value - Yours FREE!

5-Part Mini-series

$347 total value - Yours FREE!

2 Recording of LIVE Q&A sessions with our experts (Plus a LIVE invitation)

$94 total value - Yours FREE!

Get $4,547 worth of free gifts!
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